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Baby Got Gas? A Book To Baby Indigestion

May 28, 2012

Have you ever heard about baby indigestion? Do you even have knowledge of what that is? Well ponder about heartburn and indigestion and how it can make you feel. The deep compression and in your chest and abdomen is enough to make you look like you can be possessing a heart attack. Now imagine that feeling on a 3 weeks old baby. YIKEES!!! I can tell you that whatever that you look is magnified by 100% in your child. Added to intense pain that the child is feeling is the fact that they have no method of telling you how they feel.

They cannot speak mommy my tummy hurts. What causes baby indigestion?. Well, in adults there exists multiple causes, but, for babies, I ponder we can safely rule out alcohol consumption, smoking and chewing spicy foods! It’s also fairly uncommon for babies to have stomach ulcers or gallstones. This means that we can focus on food allergies and sensitivities as the 3 first causes of baby indigestion. So now that we hold a general plan regarding the potential causes of baby indigestion; how can we tell if our baby has indigestion?.

Symptoms of baby indigestion can include:. Fits of fussing and or or crying that shall end subsequent to gas is relieved. Curds of undigested food in stool okay, let us just call it poop, that is what it is!. Very foul-smelling poop and even diarrhea in extreme cases. Now it is very important that we understand one thing; and that is indigestion is not a cause or disease unto itself.

So what we should do is locate the actual cause of baby indigestion. That is why be aware that the real causes of baby indigestion are:. Spoiled Food and Baby Indigestion. Spoiled food is not good for adults as it can lead to all sorts of stomach problems and this is no different for our children. That is why whether you can be formula feeding your child make sure that that the greatest prior to date has not expired.

Additionally you should take extra caution when sterilizing all bottles and machinery that touch baby’s formula. Make sure h2o you can be giving baby or creating use of to combine powdered formula is safe and was boiled. Another thing that we should stay away from doing at all costs is re-heating bottles. Mothers whether you can be guilty of this practice please, please, STOP IMMEDIATELY. If baby has not consumed all of it, dispose of it.

Also whether you can be pumping breast-milk, make sure that you use ONLY sterilized containers to save it. Refrigerate and use up the milk within a couple of days or save in a freezer to make it final longer. Just following these simple points should significantly reduce baby indigestion. Phew!!! Now that took like of spoiled food. Okay, what about food allergies and how do babies have allergies when they get fed only one thing?? J I mean does this even make sense? View on.

First of all it shall be confusing trying to differentiate between an allergy and food sensitivity. So how can you tell the difference and how does it relate to baby indigestion?. Food allergies and sensitivity and baby indigestion Formula. First of all we should understand that allergies can cause tough reactions like hives and severe rashes, vomiting, swelling of soft tissue like ears and lips, or be life-threatening with anaphylactic shock reactions. Sensitivities; however, are milder and cause indigestion, discomfort, constipation and fewer severe skin rashes.

You have knowledge of those nourishment that just do not agree’ with you. It is very common for babies to be allergic to or sensitive to cow’s protein. Take comfort within the fact that most shall grow out of this by one year of age, but that first year shall be tricky. For those formula feeding moms, you can should switch to a soy-based formula or one’s formulated mostly for babies with cow protein sensitivity. Oh there is one phrase of caution; and that is, it is common for babies with cow protein sensitivity to also have soy protein sensitivity.

However, rest assured that there exists formulas out there that have neither soy nor cow’s milk in them. Food allergies and sensitivity and baby indigestion Breast feeding. If you can be breast-feeding, slice all dairy out of your diet. This is due to the fact that the nourishment that you have are passed onto your child through your milk. That is why your breast milk can contain traces of cow’s milk protein from dairy you can be eating.

So, I mean slice out ALL dairy whether you wish to reduce baby indigestion. Beginning reading food labels!!. Trust me, I have knowledge of this sucks, I’ve done it myself within the past. You will get some headaches and look like crap for a little days as your body detoxifies and works the dairy through your system. Basically, you will leave through a bit of a withdrawal.

Gouda like a drugwho knew? J. The Fix substitute cow’s milk with goat’s milk as this can usually be tolerated barely well. Subsequent to breast-feeding my children for seven months, I switched them most to goat milk and guess what?? They still like it. It’s available in most primary grocery stores and shall be frozen whether you should stock-pile!. So how can you release your baby relief from Baby Indigestion?.

You can use gripe h2o for more instant’ relief of baby indigestion. You can get this at any drug store, and many well-being food stores have an alternative with all natural ingredients. I have also tried some regarding the tablets that are on the market most manufacturers call indigestion Colic so look for products that speak Colic Relief or something like that. The label Colic is a bit of a misnomer due to the fact that colic in infants shall have nothing to do with indigestion but that debate is for another newsletter!. Additionally you can release your baby tummy massages and baby enemas to alleviate indigestion.

Do not forget though that none of these instant relief techniques are aimed at the cause regarding the indigestion; they just treat the symptoms. A more long term solution to difficulty is to look for the food sensitivities and allergies that should be causing the indigestion within first place. How can this be done?. By analyzing a stool sample from your baby, your doctor should be can determine if there is undigested cow protein present and that your baby is sensitive to dairy. As always, I recommend talking to a health related or naturopathic doctor about your baby’s symptoms whether you can be concerned.

If you located this story helpful, please share it and post your comments below!. Helping you turn frustration to fun, Leah Mullis. From the Diaper Pail Communications Inc.

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