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Tips For Keeping Your Baby Well And Safe

June 9, 2012

Here are some key points to do not forget to help hold your baby well and safe. Remember, newborns, preemies, and young infants are very susceptible to illness. Wash your hands frequently when caring for your little one mostly subsequent to going to bathroom and changing diapers. Make sure all guests wash their hands prior to touching your baby. Make sure guests are not ill when coming to visit.

Stay away from large crowds for at fewest two month subsequent to your baby is born. Help protected your baby from accidental injury. Always location your baby in an appropriate car seat when traveling in any vehicle. Not ever leave baby unattended mostly within the car, bathtub, changing table, or on any other elevated area. Always hold one paw on your baby when within the bathtub, on the changing table, or on any elevated area.

Not ever shake your baby. Shaken baby syndrome can cause blindness, brain damage or death. Location baby on his or her return to sleep to reduce the likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome. Always test the heat regarding the h2o prior to giving a bath. Use a non-skid mat within the bathtub.

Not ever prop a bottle when feeding your baby. Not ever location pacifier on a string around baby’s neck. Confirm pacifiers and nipples for holes and tears frequently. Always test the heat of breast milk or formula prior to feeding your baby. Not ever leave pets or young babies alone with your baby.

Make sure that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly. Not ever carry infant when you can be baking or holding warm drinks. Make sure that your baby’s toys are unbreakable. Remove toys from the crib when your baby is sleeping or unattended. Not ever release an infant below two year of age honey.

Honey was associated with botulism. Read More: Keeping Your Baby Well and Safe.

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