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Rise In Sales Of Maternity Clothes Points To Baby Boom

September 24, 2012

Maternity clothes retailers noticed in April and Shall of this year that there was an increase within the many women buying maternity wear. It is now expected that Britain is about to bear witness to a baby boom which shall also look sales of breastfeeding tops and nursing clothes soaring. According to an story in The Express, this rising many women buying maternity wear shall definitely stem to large freeze at the beginning of this year when more and more couples were snowed in. The story also claims the economic recession shall have led to more couples choosing to wait in for cosy nights rather than heading out on the town. Other experts also ponder that the competitive jobs market shall also have encouraged more women to swap their skinny jeans for maternity clothes as they locate it more difficult to obtain on the career ladder.

Now midwives up and below the region are bracing themselves for a bumper many babies due to be born over the next month. In Portsmouth alone, the many expected babies has risen by 20 per cent compared to similar to time final year as over 600 are now expected in September alone. Speaking to The Express, Portsmouth based midwife Joy Horner revealed the snow shall well have paid a component within the expected baby boom. She said: We do look a rise in conception rates when there and no. 39;s been severe weather.

The snow should definitely be the reason for the baby boom next month as whether you cannot get out of your house, you and no. 39;ve got to retrieve some method to hold occupied. A baby boom is often worked out by seeing at the many women coming in for their 12 week scans.

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