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Sneak Peek: The Cure-all Mass Loss Drug And Profiting From Space Travel

November 15, 2012

No reason what the economic or political situations are, there exists always going to be ample opportunities to sum some gains to your portfolio. And two of those reasons has to do with breakthrough technologies. You see, people are always at work, developing the final and greatest ways to improve humanity and no. I have visited and interviewed many of these people. Scientists, businessmen and everyday people from all walks of life.

39;re all working on plans not only from their own imaginations, but improving on plans and inventions built generations ago. The thing is, most of them work for businesses not heard of by anyone else. Little of these businesses are on the map and have been established for a little years, whereas many of their businesses are still startups. In any case, Wall Street hasn and no. 39;t noticed them or their work.

But when it does, these businesses and their investors are sure to take off sky-high. And you need to be invested in them while they and no. 39;re still on the ground, prior to they make it into the upper stratosphere. Today, I wanted to talk to you about 3 of these opportunities to leave sky high. 39;ve shared the names of these businesses with my Breakthrough Technology Alert readers, but I at fewest wanted to share with you some details about what they and no.

39;re working on right now. What the Telomerase Breakthrough Means for Mass Loss CompaniesThere and no. 39;s about to be a shake-up within the $55 billion mass loss sector and ndash; and it and no. 39;s one that should make a large upside move in your portfolio. 39;m finishing this month and no.

39;s Breakthrough Technology Alert issue right now. Nevertheless, there exists large things happening, and I need to tell you about little of them. 39;m also excited regarding the business I and no. 39;m covering this month. It is a leader in look for for the next generation of mass loss drugs and poised to take off, probably this year.

Weight loss is an region we and no. 39;ve been seeing at for an extended time now. The economics are compelling. Obesity is a primary risk factor in different diseases, from arthritis and cancer to diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Any drug that can help people lose mass safely is, therefore, going to release true value.

Moreover, obesity increases with age. As the baby boom, the wealthiest generation in history, rolls into its senior years, the demand and the need for an obesity treatment is growing dramatically. Until now, we haven and no. 39;t chosen a business in this sector, for multiple reasons. One is basically that the field is crowded.

There were very many of businesses and technologies to vet. Many people are working on fat drugs. Normally, this may have kept me out regarding the sector, but there and no. 39;s space in this market for higher than one winner. Buyers of these products many times use them in combination.

Another reason we were particularly careful is that we and no. 39;re going to look brand-new strategies for mass manage in coming years. These new approaches, which I expect from multiple new sciences, within RNA interference, shall probably leapfrog anything that returns out within the next year or so. Nevertheless, the demand is so best and the FDA is so resistant to new technologies, I expect some serious profits from innovators over the next 5 years. More importantly, this business has the potential and platform to evolve into a primary biotech success story with many other targeted therapies.

Speaking of well-being and weight, I hope you and no. 39;ve studied the new studies regarding vitamin D I and no. Your health, subsequent to all, is your biggest asset. The newly discovered importance of optimal serum D grades should be seen as an opportunity to garner significant yields in well-being at very little costs. Personally, since I and no.

39;ve gotten my serum D grades up, I and no. 39;ve noticed a many obvious changes and benefits. One regarding the greatest welcome is that long-standing rotator cuff problems in my shoulders have nearly disappeared. 39;t expect those results, but I and no. 39;ve been can increase the intensity of my workouts.

For first time in years, I and no. 39;m adding pounds and reps to my mass training routine. 39;t need to do Navy SEAL grades of exercise to obtain real benefits, by the way. The benefits of exercise kick in quickly at relatively little levels. Just 20 periods of walking or time on a treadmill or climber 3 times a week produces remarkable benefits, as I and no.

Between the benefits that should interest investors are increased mental acuity. It seems like an unique story on this subject appears practically every week, but a recent New York Times story is relatively comprehensive. I locate this line extremely interesting: Exercise causes the release of growth factors, proteins that increase the many connections between neurons, and the birth of neurons within the hippocampus, a brain region important for memory. Of even more importance most to your portfolio and to your well-being is a recent story published within the American Heart Association and no. 39;s journal, Circulation.

It is titled Physical Exercise Prevents Cellular Senescence in Circulating Leukocytes and within the Vessel Wall. According to this research, the increased well-being and life spans associated with exercise return from the increased production of telomerase. Telomerase, as you can know, is the enzyme that triggers regeneration of telomeres. Telomeres are the end caps that protect the double strands of DNA. As we age, our cells reproduce.

Each time a cell and no. 39;s DNA splits and reproduces, a telomere is used up. When the supply of telomeres is exhausted, the cell and no. 39;s Hayflick limit is reached and it dies. Even prior to cell death, however, cell function begins to suffer.

Within the journal article, German scientists display that exercise provokes telomerase production. Telomerase, the immortalizing enzyme, protects and restores telomeres. This, in turn, increases well-being and lengthens life spans. The financial importance regarding the learn is that it emphasizes the force of telomeres and telomerase. This is what regenerative medicine is all about.

Stem cells have full youthful telomeres. When those cells are adopted by a patient, that patient and no. 39;s new cells are functionally youthful, with full person life spans ahead of them. Another exciting possibility is neither to provoke telomerase production or actually introduce telomerase into our cells. This should restore our telomeres to youthful levels.

39;m talking to world-renowned scientists now, each working on an alternate means of accomplishing this goal. 39;s no method to have knowledge of who and no. 39;s going to solve the challenge first. I have no doubt, however, that it shall be solved. In the meantime, practical steps like an exercise regimen and vitamin D supplementation are a good option.

And on the investing front, I and no. 39;m excited regarding the potential my new mass loss play has to offer. To learn more, see the Breakthrough Technology Alert website. Keep in mind, well-being issues, for example mass loss, exercise and DNA are not the only ways breakthrough technology is creating noise in our world. In fact, some technologies are creating it out of this world.

Remember what I spoke about earlier, about how people are developing new technologies even during down-turned economies? Well, there and no. 39;s a space-related technology out there now partly due to the fact that of what and no. 39;s happened in America in recent years. And while it may be some time prior to most people look it on the market, so to speak, but once it and no. 39;s out there you should stand to ride this technology throughout the stars provided you and no.

39;ve invested little of your income in it, of course. Investing in a Real-World Space CannonSpace is indeed the final frontier for mankind and ndash; and for your investments. 39;s a sneak peek at howcome a nascent space cannon investment should change the globe within the very near term. Due in component to the ballooning USA deficit, America and no. 39;s replacement for the shuttle program, Constellation, is being canceled.

Once the final shuttle mission is completed, Americans shall be riding on Russian rockets to obtain to the Worldwide Space Station. America will, however, return to space exploration. The reason is basically that space, as my old friend Robert Heinlein pointed out, is the high ground militarily. Americans should be willing to share the high ground. Using conventional technology, the costs involved in extending space exploration to the moon and Mars are prohibitive.

Alternatives to conventional rocket launch should be located if costs are to be significantly reduced to let real exploration and commercialization. For this reason, the cancellation regarding the Constellation program should be a blessing in disguise. NASA-developed technology has not only served like a vehicle for getting astronauts into space, it has also been an excellent vehicle for delivering pork to congressional districts. In location of rockets drafted and built by bureaucratic committee, many regarding the Constellation funding shall now leave instead to commercial space businesses that shall deliver up a space taxi role. This is best news for commercial space enterprises and their investors.

39;ve already seen the potential of space-based businesses as wealthy visitors purchase multimillion-dollar tickets on Russian ships. 39;ve also seen the beginnings of private space access from Burt Rutan and no. 39;s Scaled Composites and no. 39; collaboration with Sir Richard Branson and no. 39;s Virgin Team company, Virgin Galactic.

I first interviewed Rutan, by the way, in 1986: prior to his Voyager craft created the past by flying nonstop around the globe without in-flight refueling. Today, he is higher than can place passengers safely into orbit. To make the space tourism business viable, however, there has to be someplace nice to wait once you and no. Conventional rocketry, however, is too expensive for any cargo other than person beings. Fortunately, there exists a vastly less-expensive alternative to deliver payloads to orbit.

Jules Verne once wrote anything an lone can imagine, another can make real. In one regarding the earliest examples regarding the science fiction genre, Jules Verne wrote of a voyage to the moon enabled by a gigantic space gun. The fictional cannon, called Columbiad, fired a projectile holding 3 travelers to the moon. Verne was an extraordinary author and his fertile imagination has inspired generations of scientists and engineers. Even Verne, however, should be surprised, I think, to look how little of his more fantastic plans are moving toward practical application.

During the Space Race regarding the 1960s, the United States investigated every likely method to gain an advantage. One was a collaboration between the USA and Canadian defense departments. Unlike more conventional and expensive rocket-based technology that should grow to the standard method of access to orbit, this project was based on the use of huge guns. In fact, the gun itself was based on a recycled 16-inch naval gun. Called HARP, the acronym for High Altitude Studies Project, the project achieved multiple velocity and altitude records.

The final versions regarding the projectile or vehicle, called Martlet, blasted 180 kg payloads out regarding the barrel at speeds nearing 5 kilometers per second. These reached altitudes of 180 kilometers, subsequent to being subjected to a brief and brutal acceleration exceeding 14,000 Gs. Unfortunately, bureaucratic infighting between the different USA service branches, as well as anti-Vietnam War fallout, ended the USA or Canadian collaboration. Funding was terminated by 1967. The brilliant but enigmatic Canadian mastermind behind it, Gerald Bull, went on to creation advanced artillery for Saddam Hussein.

A super gun capable of firing a payload of higher than a ton a thousand miles was nearly completed. He also improved Iraq and no. 39;s Scud missiles, the sort fired into Saudi Arabia and Israel during first Gulf War. In 1990, he was murdered, apparently assassinated, by unknown parties in his Brussels apartment. The movie Doomsday Gun is about Bull.

In the 1980s, the USA government revisited the space gun concept, launching the Super High Altitude Studies Project SHARP. Paul Hunter from 1989 and ndash;1995 and conducted at the Lawrence Livermore Local Laboratory, SHARP used technology distant advanced over the old HARP project and no. Instead of cordite explosive detonation, SHARP used gas gun technology. SHARP set records for kinetic life above Mach 9. It also successfully launched hypersonic scramjet test vehicles for the Space Force between Mach six and Mach 9.

Hunter has started an unique company, Quicklaunch Inc. Its goal is to commercialize the technology he helped develop at Lawrence Livermore. The advantages of this technology over general rocketry are significant. From a military defense standpoint, another advantage regarding the space gun is responsive launch. If there is a critical need to surveil some spot on the globe from space, the space gun should place an observation platform in space on demand within periods or hours.

Quicklaunch owns this technology. There is significant IP and expertise involved within the space gun technology, and Hunter and Quicklaunch hold a monopoly there. Obviously, the timeline to profitability is filled with unknowns. 39;t ready yet to invest in this sort of enterprise, but we shall be someday. In the meantime, whether you and no.

39;ve got significant venture funds and need to make the future happen faster, contact me. 39;d be happy to introduce you to Dr. Hunter and the Quicklaunch team.


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