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Baby Sleep Sacks – Comfortable Sleep For Babies And Parents

November 21, 2012

Parents need to give every likely comfort to their babies. According to studies, a baby wants 16 to 18 hours of sleep in a day that is crucial for the physical as well as mental development. However, due to multiple factors, babies tend to wake up that in turn grow to the hindrance in correct growth and development. Baby sleeping bags are such products that aim at providing comfortable and peaceful sleep to baby. Baby slumber sacs are the thorough replacement for the general blankets that may suffocate babies during sleep.

These sleeping bags assist babies to remain warm throughout their sleep. Unlike general blankets, sleeping bags cannot be kicked off by baby while wriggling within the crib. Together with the introduction of baby blanket sleepers, parents can make sure that their baby is sleeping comfortably without feeling cold. These sleeping bags should be worn over the nightwear. Baby sleeping bags are not treated with harmful chemicals or flame retardants and have been recommended for use by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Choosing the right volume of sleeping bag shall also be important. Baby slumber sacs are available in 3 different sizes keeping in mind the age of toddlers. Tiny volume is for the babies of 0-6 months, moderate volume for babies of 6-18 months and large volume is available for the babies of 18-36 months. These sleeping bags are available with shoulder snap creation and center zipper. The glow-in-the-dark zipper is another attractive feature regarding the sleeping bag.

Babies can breathe in these bags without any difficulty as the baby sleeping bags are quilted duvet fabric and created of 100 percent cotton. The greatest baby sleep sacks leave through different science department tests which are compulsory to make these products comply together with the CPSC standard for flammability of textiles. These sleeping bags should possibly be used in summers in accordance together with the space heat ranging from 66 to 74F. The lighter mass sacks are moral to be used during summers over the clothes. Since the heat regarding the space is warm during summers then parents can opt for sleep nest lite.

These bags are quilted to give an extra layer of warmth, which acts like a winter blanket. This allows parents have calm and uninterrupted sleep as the baby is comfy and secure. Baby blanket sleepers are completely safe however parents need to confirm the heat regarding the baby to make sure that it is comfortable.

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