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Five Advantages Of Vinegar For Babies

January 2, 2013

Vinegar is a kind of common flavoring in our daily life. In fact, the nutritional cost of vinegar can not be ignored. Babies can obtain different benefits from vinegar. The moderate intake of vinegar can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and improve the digestion for babies so as to enhance the appetite. Generally speaking, there exists 5 advantages for babies to absorb vinegar moderately.

First, vinegar can accelerate the secretion of gastric acid, which can improve the digestion and increase the appetite to some degrees. The secretion of gastric acid inside the bodies of some babies is not adequate. Therefore, parents can give moderate vinegar for their kids. Second, vinegar can protect the vitamin C inside the bodies of babies to as to maintain the vigor for children. Vitamin C shall be absorbed inside the person body by a kind of special cell.

This kind of cell likes acidic taste. The acetic acid contained in vinegar can stimulate the cell so as to accelerate the absorption of vitamin C. At similar time, the greens containing abundant vitamin C are acidic food. The cooperation of acidic food and vinegar can cause catalytic action to improve the utilization of vitamin C. Third, vinegar can improve the absorption of nutrients contained in diet.

When parents are baking chicken for their babies, they can sum simple vinegar into the dish. Thus, the chicken shall grow to soft and digestible. When frying eggs for babies, parents should possibly sum vinegar into egg sip so as to make eggs grow to elastic and nutritious. Fourth, vinegar can strengthen the functions of liver and accelerate the metabolism inside the person body. It can decrease the content of urine sweetener and improve the urination, which can decrease the burdens of kidney for tiny babies.

Fifth, vinegar can help babies absorb calcium. For example, when parents are baking rib soup, they can sum vinegar into the soup, which can force ribs to release a huge no. The advantages for babies are barely desirable. The adult should possibly get different benefits from vinegar. The acetic acid can effectively kill bacteria and protect skin and hair for people.

In addition, other nutrients like calcium, amino acid, vitamin Be and lactic acid should possibly improve the skin. Some women like to wash face with simple h2o added with moderate vinegar so as to soften the skin and enhance the elasticity.

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