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Guinea Pig Behavior – General Behavior And Temperament Of Guinea Pigs Biting

January 24, 2013

Like any pet, a guinea pig is a large commitment. Prior to you take on this 4 to seven year responsibility you can need to learn related to the general behavior and temperament of guinea pigs. Let me place your mind at ease on one point, guinea pigs are safe and lovable pets for children. They have their own language and a little quirks that we shall close in this article. BitingGuinea pigs are prey animals, not predators.

They tend to sprint and hide if they can be afraid, not bite. If your fingers smell like food, a cavy may grow to confused and try to chew on it, so be sure to wash your hands. Also, like all babies, baby guinea pigs nibble on everything, within fingers and toes. This is harmless and they stop doing it when they get little bigger. Very rarely, you can locate a guinea pig that bites.

39;t as large a challenge as you may think, however. Remember, guinea pigs don and no. 39;t naturally bite, so it and no. 39;s easy to cure them regarding the habit. The 3 reasons howcome a guinea pig may bite you are: two They can be scared or 3 They trust that they can be the dominant one in your relationship.

So, your first step in getting your pet to stop biting is to figure out which of these reasons holds true. If your pet is frightened of you, they shall act extremely timid when you approach, curling up into a ball in their cage and shivering when you touch them. They can be so frightened that they look they should bite to protect themselves. If this is the case, you can need to be patient and gradually develop trust with your guinea pig. Do this by reaching your paw into the cage and gently stroking the pet and no.

39;s head for a brief time. Do not pick up the animal. Each day, pet their head little bit detailed until they grow to used to you and realize that you can be not going to hurt them. This method takes very many of patience but you can be rewarded within the long sprint with a tough bond of trust between you and your cavy. Sometimes your guinea pig thinks that they can be bigger and stronger than you.

When you can be holding them or petting them, they shall wish to leave return to playing with their toys or chewing and so they bite you. Face it, they just need to do what they need to do and that and no. 39;s that!To teach your guinea pig that you can be the boss, you should assert your dominance. Do this by neither blowing within the guinea pig and no. 39;s face or picking up a little hairs on the return of their neck and pulling them.

Mother guinea pigs make their offspring behave by pulling the hairs on the return of their necks, so this usually works very well. Be extremely careful NOT to whine or cry the method that a guinea pig does when it is hurt. The message you and no. 39;re sending when you do this is that you can be the weak one and that your guinea pig is the dominant one. You can be reinforcing the biting behavior.

Yelling and hitting rarely work on any living creature guinea pigs included. The more you yell and hit a guinea pig, the more likely it is to be stressed, frightened and ready to bite again. Even though the possibility of your guinea pig actually biting is very low, be on the safe side and handle the pet you for first little days, prior to giving your child permission to play with it.


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