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Three New Ways To Develop Little Babies Hearing Function

April 13, 2013

39; cognition on the outside world is mainly dependent on their sense of hearing, like a result, it is more important to develop their sense of hearing than other functions for example visual lots of babies sense. As parents, in daily life, you should try your greatest to make different sounds and let babies to accept the sounds stimulation fully so as to promote babies and no. 39; mental development. According to scientific research, babies and no. 39; hearing function was formed within the embryo phase, however, during the infant stage, it is the critical period for hearing function development.

In other words, whether you should children hold a good hearing function for their lives, prior to 3 years old, parents should pay more attention on the hearing like and babies and no. 39; hearing function is developed below the protection. As usual, too many parents should take the games method to develop hearing function due to the fact that it is really the effective ways. When playing games, little babies can not only develop intelligence and abilities, but also get many of pleasure. Once the time is right, every baby shall set foot on first step during growing phase.

3 useful games are introduced below for babies to develop hearing functions. Finding the sound sourceParents can ask babies to hear the sounds of alarm clock, doorbell, telephone and blender, then ask them to discover the sound source. Mother should ask babies what the sound is and ask them to release right answer. At similar time, parents should ask babies to have knowledge of the shape and other traits regarding the itemsCall baby and no. 39;s nameWhen babies are 4 months old, they can be can distinguish different voices.

For example, they should have knowledge of the sounds of father, mother or recording of themselves. Do you know that little babies are more sensitive to mothers and no. 39; sounds, once their mothers make sound, they should turn to look at their mothers. In addition, they can be also sensitive to their own names than other words. Parents can call baby and no.

39;s name for an extended distance to develop their hearing function. Buy children toys which can make soundParents always buy too many toys for babies for example soft stuffed animals and so on. Between all these babies toys, howcome not to buy toys that can make sound. For example, the ones which can make meow or barking. When playing with such toys, children and no.

39;s hearing function shall be developed, meanwhile, they have knowledge of too many animals and no. 39; sounds, that shall also be beneficial.


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