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The Dietary Blacklist For One-year-old Babies

December 23, 2013

Parents always give different kinds of yummy nourishment for their babies so as to maintain the well growth for them. In fact, not all the nourishment are suitable for one-year-old babies to eat, as the digestive system of these tiny babies is very tender and it can not bear all the foods. The refined grain should not be provided too many for children, as the vitamins contained in refined grain have been seriously destroyed. The lack of vitamins shall seriously threaten the development of internal organs of children. For example, the adequate supplementation of vitamin Be complex shall affect the development regarding the nervous system of babies.

In addition, the lack of chromium shall affect the normal eyesight to cause myopic eyes. Egg sleek is not suitable for tiny babies to eat. The protein molecules contained in egg sleek are relatively small, and they can directly enter the blood through the intestinal wall to cause different symptoms of allergy. Therefore, parents should not breed their one-year-old babies with egg white. The sure kinds of fish containing high content of mercury should be avoided.

The mercury can exist within the fish within the shape of methyl mercury which can affect the nervous system inside the person body to affect the physical well-being of pregnant women, fetuses and tiny babies. Different kinds of fish contain such a kind of substance, for example dorado and sailfish. All these kinds of fish should be prevented. Vegetables can give abundant nutrients like vitamins and mineral substances for the person body. However, the veggie containing oxalic acid should not be provided for babies.

The oxalic acid shall not be absorbed by the person body and it can affect the absorption of calcium contained within the nourishment to cause the unhealthy development of bones and teeth of babies. Even vegetables should be provided for babies selectively. Generally speaking, vegetables can supplement essential nutrients like vitamin C for the bodies of babies. However, some vegetables can cause allergy. Allergy shall cause different symptoms, for example diarrhea and bellyache.

Mango contains some chemical substances which can stimulate the mucous membrane regarding the skin and cause dermatitis. Pineapple contains some kinds of active substances to stimulate the person skin and blood vessels. Therefore, parents should be careful to decide suitable vegetables for their children. In addition, the drinks like tea and tea should be strictly kept distant from babies. They shall affect the normal mood of babies and disturb the biological clock.


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